Du besøker nå Philips lighting-nettstedet. En lokalisert versjon er tilgjengelig for deg.

    Blazing the trail for connected
    street lighting

    Over 100,000 street lights remotely managed to create a more vibrant, livable city


    With more than half of its street lights already converted to LED, the city of Los Angeles connects more than 100,000 light points using Philips CityTouch and connector nodes with plug-and-play activation. Los Angeles is blazing the trail for cities around the world who want to make their municipal lighting operations more efficient and their streets more welcoming.

    Increased sense of security infographic
    Source: Municipal Street Lighting Consortium, City of L.A. (2012)


    Ed Ebrahimian, Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting, is responsible for deploying new street lighting technology for the city. After piloting systems from several different manufacturers, Ebrahimian selected Philips CityTouch. The project is an exceptional example of plug-and-play activation and the nodes work well with any luminaire vendor – assuring that the solution will work now and well into the future. The benefits of the CityTouch system and connector nodes have been unparalleled, including automatic commissioning and locating through GPS signals integrated in the nodes.

    Street lights play a major role for people at night, whether they're walking their dog, driving, conducting business or visiting a restaurant. Good lighting makes people feel a lot safer, so it has become a very important aspect of the city's infrastructure.

    Ed Ebrahimian,

    Director of Street Lighting, City of Los Angeles

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