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How to beat the 

Monday morning Blues

Watch the webinar on How to beat the Monday morning blues


Click the video player to learn from Luc Schlangen how aspects like light-exposure timing and spectral composition can help optimize lighting strategies for health and wellbeing.

The human body has evolved to live in sync with light. We would naturally wake at dawn and sleep at night. The daily circadian cycle of light and dark is the metronome to which our bodies and minds become active and rest. Light helps us thrive, affecting our biological rhythms and hormonal balance, our moods and energy levels.


As a result, every aspect of our health and well-being is in some way influenced by our exposure to light. Everyday examples are jet-lag, daylight saving time and adapting our sleep-wake patterns to seasonal changes. And the fact that we spend much of our time indoors can be a disruptive factor, especially if the body’s health is already compromised.


This webinar will highlight the ways in which informed lighting design can help regulate our body clocks and create a pleasant ambience for patients, structurally supporting clinical outcomes.


As this is a recorded presentation, there is no live Q&A session. However, Luc Schlangen is available to answers all your queries through our dedicated LinkedIn group.

Presented by:

Luc Schlangen
Luc Schlangen is Senior Principal Scientist at Philips Research.