CitySwan Wall – stylish and discreet

CitySwan Wall

CitySwan Wall

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Being part of the CitySwan family designed by Danish architects Bjarne Schläger and Morten Weeke Borup, the CitySwan Wall luminaire has a stylish, discreet, graceful appearance. The luminaire provides downward functional surface light from high-performance LEDs with incredibly low energy consumption, and can also be used as an up-light under e.g. baldachins or archways. It is made of dark grey die-cast aluminum, and the housing has a characteristic ellipsoid shape familiar from the CitySwan road luminaire. CitySwan Wall comes with a choice of three different optical covers: a transparent flat cover for the slickest design, a convex transparent cover for a more elongated light distribution and a flat, opal cover for optimum uniformity.Nominated for the German ”Designpreis” in 2009; Danish Design Award 2010/2011.Design: Bjarne Schläger, light + architecture, and Morten Weeke Borup, GHB Landskabsarkitekter A/S.


Stylish and discreet
Choice of three different optical covers
Incredibly low energy consumption


Ellipsoid housing
High-performance LEDs
Downward functional surface light


Urban environments
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